Happy Hour

The tray Happy Hour is among the winners of the design competition "Design For 2014", banned by Promote Design Milan. It is born from the desire to implement the functionality of an object widespread use acting on the form. Is structured, in fact, through the addition of elements that may support and contain at the same time.

These hollow elements placed in sequence are shaped and spaced so as to ensure: a supporting surface for the plate; a functional support for the cup; the ability to store the dish once used inside the hollow area of the tray. The creative paradigm that has motivated the design was: re-thinking the shape of increasing functions. The shape, in fact, intentionally differs from that of a usual tray thought of as continuous surface. The seven elements shaped and spaced sequence stereometric, in fact realize a spatial order deliberately dissonant with respect to the objects above. An element has a greater length (39 cm), receives the supporting device for the cup contributing to the ergonomics of the tray. "Happy hour" expresses a range of use with the elegance of a tuxedo!

The tray has been shown, on the 53rd edition of the Milan Design Week (8-14 April 2014), in the prestigious Concept Room "THE 10 Milan”, a space always in search of excellence that welcomes partners that offer from Milan in the World, through a relevant frame located in the fashion district in the center of Milan. The tray Happy Hour - featuring integrated characteristics that have contributed to the innovation of function and form which, ergonomics, autonomy of use, elegance in morphological support/contain - was presented in the kind "essences" in olive, teak, oak and in the kind "Yacht" in Fibreglass white glossy and matte black. Shown on the same Concept Room objects in Murano glass designed by the internationally renowned designer Karim Rashid and objects made by Alessandro Mendini design icon, present during the event, which was very much appreciated the tray Happy Hour. Present, among others, the "Golden Compass" Peter Pfeifer.

Dimensions version Yacht: Length 34 cm, depth 30 cm, height 4.2 cm, thick section shaped element 0.3 cm.
Dimensions version Essences: Length 34 cm, depth 30 cm, height 4.2 cm, thick section shaped element 0.6 cm.


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