The table Sequence is among the winners of the design competition "Design For 2013", published by Promote Design Milan. Progression, numerical series and addition of elements are references elective of this concept, with the aim of measuring the space and to rhythm it, both horizontally and vertically, as well as the structural bay in architecture.

It is made from molded elements "printed" cristalplant colored that define the support surface; these joined together through connections cylindrical interlocking, on a side of the table are extended down to the floor for one of the supports. The other supporting element is, instead, constituted by a profiled aluminum act to confer maximum lightness object of furniture; said section is provided with a slit/binary which allows the vertical sliding of the three shaped elements placed in proximity to it enabling customization of the use.

On the support plane cristalplant is placed a crystal plate, bound by polymeric supports, which makes visible the morphological structure of the table while allowing the possibility to use a work plane smooth. The materials that constitute this table are: the cristalplant for colored molded elements that form the horizontal plane, for the cylindrical interlocking connections which allow the union between the molded elements, for one of the support elements of the table; aluminum for the other support element; crystal clear extra for the work surface; polymeric supports to constrain the crystal plate.

The table SEQUENCE is a work platform that gives rhythm simplicity in form and color vibrancy. SEQUENCE ... the rhythmic form.
Dimensions: length 204 cm, width 72 cm, height 81 cm.


  • cam3 sequenza red
  • cam2 sequenza red
  • cam4 sequenza red