The desk Slide is among the winners of the design competition "Design For 2013", published by Promote Design Milan. The concept of this desk is based on the idea of geometric surfaces, with the aim of combining functionality and flexibility.

It is composed of two elements which contrast and balance each other: one of "heavy" and made of matt wenge wood (ebony, rosewood), the other "light" and thought transparent crystal structurally supported by a section in aluminium. The light element has the ability to scroll through a binary allowing the desk to take multiple configurations formal besides increasing the surface area of use, as in the configuration of maximum extension benefits of the portion of the crystal fixed wooden mat element that goes to integrate with the glass surface of which is made precisely the light element.

The opaque element is provided with a hidden container which acts as a tray with openable service mode push and pull. The materials which constitute this desk are: solid wood wenge essence (or alternatively ebony or rosewood) for the realization of the structure of the element opaque fixed; aluminium profile for the entire structuring element transparent slide; extra crystal clear to the ground plane; solid wood wenge and aluminum extrusions for the drawer of service.

The desk SLIDE assumes multiple formal configurations in addition to presenting a surface of flexible use. The time is ticking ... with SLIDE space too! Dimensions: length (minimum 215 cm), (maximum 282 cm); width (minimum 89 cm), (maximum 120 cm); height 76 cm.

  • cam4 slide wenge open 900
  • cam2 slide wenge open 450x450
  • cam3 slide wenge open 450x450