The loving gesture, the gift of love entrusted to a daily ritual: coffee time, understood as a highly significant moment that combines tasting and communication of more poetic love. Since it is well known that "verba volant" while "scripta manent", is on written communication that this object draws its raison d'etre.

Coffeeling consists of a blackboard/tray that receives two cups "in love", each half of love. When they are put together, by the handles is readable the word LOVE; but it is especially the tray, with its function as a blackboard, to attribute more playful. Here it is possible to write messages of love with a colored chalk, different messages depending on the different emotions aroused by coffee and love sublimated into a delectable CofFeeling.
The tray/blackboard is made of thermoplastic technopolymer, the cups are made of ceramic and spoons that are housed in the handles are made of steel. The dimensions of the tray are 21 cm 21 cm H x 2,5 cm.

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