The table Tyrant is among the winners of the design competition "Design For 2014", published by Promote Design Milan. The concept of this table comes from an operation of technology transfer, which is to adopt an object designed for a particular use and re-place it in another system to use.

This provides a review of the object taken as a "model", in this case the clock. The table has all the elements that make up this accessory: the strap; the case; the crown. In particular, the "strap" achieves the support table and is entirely of steel, wrapping spiral supports the "case" surface area of the real table on which is housed the plane of the crystal.

In transparency reading the hours and, provocatively, because "time is running out" missing hands, hence the name of the table: tyrant. It is realized in black and white and color variations in bicolored versions including: purple and yellow; purple and fuchsia, green and ivory with the aim of communicating a playful dimension. The connections between the elements constituting steel are made by welding. The materials used are: profiled in painted steel for the support of the table or the "strap", for the case that realizes the table surface and for the crown; circular crystal plate extra transparent for the support plane.
With the table Tyrant the experience of play, work, dine on a "watch" without haste, ignoring the time inexorable and tyrant! And where are the hands? There are not, indeed! Dimensions: diameter 105 cm, height 75 cm, mean thickness resistant section of support element 3 cm.


  • cam2 tyrant
  • cam4 tyrant