The sofa Ronchamp is among the winners of the design competition "Design For 2015", organized by Promote Design Milan. It consists of versatile and movable elements that make the seat, the back support and armrests. In particular, the elements constituting the backrest and the armrests have some "empty" characterizing the sofa as in the vicinity of these can be placed removable cushions that customize the item of furniture also with reference to the color.

The sofa is in fabric or leather, wooden structure and padding in polyurethane or feathers, achievable in various colors including white, blue denim, beige, black, and in two-tone versions such as white/beige and white/black. This allows for multiple color combinations achievable, because you can freely choose the color used seat/back/arms as well as the color of the cushions removable thus making customizable sofa.

Dimensions: maximum length 377 cm; depth max 190 cm; seat height 40 cm; height backrest/armrests 70 cm.



  • SITO rochamp 1
  • SITO rochamp 2
  • SITO rochamp 3
  • SITO rochamp 4